Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rainbow Jell-OOOOOOOOOhhhhh!

A friend of mine made this Jell-O for her daughter's 2nd birthday party. I forgot how much I enjoy a bowl of this gelatin delight with a dollop of cool whip... so refreshing, so delicious, so EASY!
You'll Need:
5-6 small packages of Jell-O in different colors/flavors
Cool Whip (or any whipped topping)

What You'll Do:
Make one recipe of Jell-O at at time, follow the directions on the box.
Then pour into any glass dish. Place in the refrigerator until firm.
Repeat the process with the remaining Jell-O packages.
(I recommend making this the day before a party or get-together, that way it has over night to set.)
Before you are ready to serve, top with cool whip (or any whipped topping).

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