Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back-to-School Breakfasts: Whole Grain Waffles & Banana's

School is starting back up in a week! The summer has flown (and crawled) by. My 4th grader and I are trying to get back into the routine of things - going to bed early, waking up early(ier), and finding breakfasts that my 5 year old (and Kindergartner!) will eat, besides cold cereal.

This morning I saw a bunch of oh-so-ripe banana's in the fruit bowl and a vision of whole grain waffles with sliced banana's on top flashed before my eyes.
So I popped a few waffles into the toaster, sliced some banana's on top and drizzled with agave syrup (if you haven't tried agave, you HAVE to! i love it in place of sugar or honey, or in this case, maple syrup). Agave has less sugar than syrup, a lighter taste than honey and adds the right amount of sweetness.
It's so easy and so good. Enjoy!


jo said...

sounds delightful!!!

Jennifer said...

Did you know that Costco sells agave 2/$7.00? I put it on Hannah's pancakes/waffles.