Sunday, March 7, 2010

menu #33/34

Monday: Turkey Chili (didn't make it last week)
Monday: Whole Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Thyme
Baked Lemon Pasta with Artichoke Hearts and Capers
Steamed Broccoli

Tuesday: Spicy Bow Tie w/ Sausage and Broccoli
Tuesday: Steak Fajita's
Diane's Corn Salad

Wednesday: Southwestern Pulled Brisket
Corn Tortillas
Spanish Rice
Wednesday: Beer Brats on the Grill
Pasta Salad

Thursday: Orange Chicken
Brown Rice
Thursday: Tenderloin Steaks with Chive Butter
Wild Rice and Mushrooms
Greek Salad

Friday: Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter
Baked Potatoes (and more Blue Cheese Butter!!)
Sauteed Spinach
Friday: Out

Saturday: Turkey Burgers & Hot Dogs (bbq!!)

Sunday: Potato, Greens & Goat Cheese Quesadilla
Black Beans

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