Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Turkey Burgers by JoAnna

My sister, JoAnna, made these burgers some time last summer. They looked so good, that I asked her if I could share them with you!!
Here's her post:
"I have to brag a bit. I made these awesome turkey burgers last night. I felt like Bobby Flay would be so proud of me! I made burgers as though we were making turkey meatloaf, and instead of heating up the oven, we heated up the grill--ohhhhh. We used a french loaf as the bun and instead of lettuce, I used some yummy cilantro. Yummy to my tummy!"

BTW: This is our 100th post!! Yay for us!!


Amanda said...

AWESOME looking!!! I bet they taste great as well!!

Nice to 'meet' you on tasty kitchen... and thanks for the sweet words... I hope you can make the cake for your playgroup...the kids would go nuts!!!

And PLEASE take pictures and send them or blog it... I would just LOVE to see it all!!!

Cute blog BTW... I just might have to stay and stalk you for awhile!!


Nancy said...

Our 100th post?! Whoohoooo! yay for us! Now we deserve a little spiffin' up...

jo said...

thanks Jamie for posting my burger!