Thursday, June 25, 2009


Since moving to California.. I have found a very swanky little place that is very popular to go to for dinner and drinks. Its FABULOUS. I was there last night celebrating my 4th anniversary.. and I ordered my favorite drink.. a Mojito. Luckily I was at the bar and I got to watch her every move.. so now I know exactly how to make it at home. Of course I have to share! These are the best Mojito's I have ever tasted. Very refreshing, not too sweet. Yum yummy!!

You'll need;
a tall glass
1 tsp sugar per drink
mint leaves- about 4 per drink
2 red grapes per drink
4 lime wedges per drink
Rum.. 2 shots per glass
club soda
a muddle if you have it.. or something to do the job
a shaker or another glass

In tall glass add rum, 1 ts. sugar, 2 red grapes, mint leaves and 2 lime wedges. Muddle until nice and smashed. Add ice and dump into a shaker and shake until chill. Dump back into your tall glass. Top with club soda until full. Squeeze remaining 2 lime wedges into the drink and use as garnish. Enjoy!

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