Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chicken and Spinach Fettuccine

ok, so this one i just made up as i went along...
the other night i needed to think of something for dinner (cause i didn't make it to the grocery store so i could actually make what i planned in my menu!)

it has:
2 chicken breasts, evoo'ed, and S&P'd
-i browned it in a saute pan, then stuck them in some foil, sprinkled on some italian seasonings, folded the foil into a pouch, and baked for 10 min at 375 degrees
-when the chicken was done, i added the juices from the foil into the spinach
-slice chicken into bite-size pieces
some bacon i chopped and cooked in a small fry pan (i say 'some', because one of the kiddo's found the cooked bacon and ate most of it before i noticed!)
fettuccine, cooked (i had the DeCecco brand on hand, and i forgot how delicious it is!)
a bag of spinach
-i wilted the spinach in the same saute pan as i browned the chicken
1 fresh tomato, diced
some goat cheese to dress it up in the end

i combined the chicken, tomatoes, spinach and fettuccine together, then dished those ingredients onto plates. i put whatever bacon was left on top and then dolloped the goat cheese. if you like the goat cheese more melted down, try adding it to the chicken, tomato and spinach along with a ladelful of the water you cooked the fettuccine in - it makes the dish much creamier. i think i also sprinkled a bit of parmesan on top, but it was more for the kids, grace loves parmesan. :)
and as we were eating, my son asked me what the 'green stuff' was. i hesitated, but told him, spinach. he said, mmmm, it's really good! phew...
hope you like this as much as we did! let me know if you try it...

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