Saturday, April 25, 2009

check this out!

Do you love cookbooks? I do! Mine looks like its been put down the disposal a few times. Many of my recipes are old and grease stained.. crusty and falling apart. You see, most of them are my grandmothers recipes that have been around for decades. Maybe centuries. As much as I love to log on my laptop and find a new recipe, often I just need that old, faithful pancake recipe.
I found this website, This is a website where you can both enter your own, personal recipes.. and pick from thousands of recipes from many of our favorite sites! Sites like Cooking Light, Food & Wine, Food Network, etc. Not only do you keep these in your own recipe "box", you can make your own cookbook! I got mine recently, and I LOVE it! Isn't it pretty?
The cookbooks start at $19.95!! You even design your own cover and pictures! They have so many beautiful, colorful photo's to choose from. You can also upload your own photo's. The beautiful, hardcover book is a binder and comes with 10 tabbed chapters. You can remove your recipe at any time, or add more! Speaking of adding more.. I bought my cookbook for $35.00. It came with 100 recipe credits. I didn't feel like adding 100 recipes at the time, so I added the ones I had and have 63 left. As I add recipes, I order the cards and add to my cookbook. You can also buy more recipe credits at any time. So goodbye my old, shredded, sticky, greasy cookbook.
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JamieB said...

it's awesome! i'm working on mine, too!